Is Key To Defense

Is Key To Defense

Strategy Is Key To Defense

“In 2020 I was Falsely accused of rape. Kate worked tirelessly to prove my innocence. Kate was consistently more prepared, and out performed the prosecution in pre trial hearings. She made all the right calls, hired all the right experts, and through her investigation into these allegations, she convinced the prosecution of my innocence. Because of the work of Kate Frame my case was Null Processed. Kate Frame saved my reputation, my family, and my life.”

“When I was first referred to Kate by an attorney who also specialized in sex crimes, he said Kate was ‘on the cutting edge of the law’ when it came to defending those charged with the type of sexual offense I was. It quickly became clear that he couldn’t have been more right, and I couldn’t have chosen a better attorney to represent me than Kate. I am so grateful to Kate for guiding me through what could have been a confusing and incredibly stressful process, all the way through to the ideal outcome. With her expertise and experience, Kate helped me avoid what could’ve very easily been a catastrophic situation and instead brought my case to a very successful end which really was the best-case scenario (the prosecution filing a nolle prossed/dismissal after Kate won a motion to suppress).”

“The vast majority of my clients are unfamiliar with the criminal justice system…My job is to litigate fiercely on my clients’ behalf and make sure my clients get the best possible outcome.”
— Kate A. Frame, Founding Attorney

“Our 17-year-old son who has autism was accused of committing a sex crime. We were at a loss as to how to handle such horrible and unfounded accusations. Finding Attorney Frame was a true blessing. After speaking with Kate, we were immediately put a bit at ease. Kate’s calm demeanor reassured us that she was a good fit for the job. Attorney Frame’s years of experience certainly shined through during the trial as she questioned the witnesses. Her attention to the details of the case allowed her to successfully get her points across and prove that these were false accusations. Attorney Frame was an invaluable asset to our son’s case. She was very knowledgeable and understanding of the charges brought against our son, the legal process, and how the criminal system works. Kate’s shrewd approach to the case (both in court and during correspondence with the State), and presentation of the facts in court, achieved a unanimous not-guilty decision. We would highly recommend Attorney Kate Frame to anyone who is accused of a sexual crime. Thank you for a job well done! We are eternally grateful.”
— Anonymous

“I retained the services of Attorney Kate Frame in February of 2017 to represent my son in a sexual assault case where he was falsely accused of rape. My son’s previous attorney was willing to take the path of least resistance and accept a plea deal at the expense of my son. Kate was willing to fight for my son and she id her due diligence to see that justice prevailed. Kate’s preparation and work ethic are second to none. Her resume peaks for itself and her experience and qualifications in sex crime defense were paramount as we prepared to go t trial. Ultimately, my sons case never made it to trial as the case was dismissed by the prosecution. Kate Frame was a driving force behind this. She believed and stood by my son during a time when the “Me Too” movement was going viral. Going against public perception, she exposed the truth and the false allegations that were made against my son. I will be forever grateful not only for her work as an attorney but for the human being she is.”
— T.H.

“Kate Frame was an absolute lifeline during one of my life’s toughest stretches. In the face of a wrongful conviction on two counts and the challenging SORB appeal process, I sought the expertise of a formidable legal advocate. Ms. Frame demonstrated exceptional legal prowess and unparalleled advocacy, adeptly handling the SORB appeal and collaborating seamlessly with my appellate attorney on the intricate criminal case. Her steadfast commitment during the SORB hearing resulted in a favorable non-public registration outcome for me. Upon the successful reversal of my criminal conviction, she diligently ensured the thorough removal of all associated registration details. Throughout this complex journey, Attorney Frame showcased her proficiency as both a robust defender and an articulate communicator. Kate Frame wasn’t just an attorney; she was a pivotal force in turning the tide of my life.”
— Russell C.

“Attorney Kate Frame changed the trajectory of my life! Of course, every case is different, but what I am certain of is that you will get the best representation and the prospect of the best possible outcome when you place yourself in the very capable hands of Kate Frame. Every submission was meticulous; her preparation for a hearing was thorough, leaving nothing to chance; and her presentation connected professionally with the target audience. I could feel the respect she has earned, not only as an active defense attorney, but from her volunteer efforts that are improving the enlire judicial system. Her instincts are the best that I have seen in the kind of matters I faced, and when she advised me to appeal a Board finding, she had powerful insights into what was and wasn’t possible— I knew I could trust her. Since my family was involved in my hearing, Kate gently and paliently prepared each family member for their testimony and explained how they could best help my case—respecting their feelings and past experiences. They all joined me in their unequivocal confidence in her representation and the outcome she achieved justified our collective trust. I recommend Attorney Kate Frame without reservation.”
— Nick

“Intelligent, passionate, and caring. These words describe Kate’s unique skill set in the legal arena. Her ability to see the whole person and represent our minor child with conviction resulted in a best case outcome for our first time offender. Situations where legal representation is needed are scary and foreign. Kate’s blend of strong expertise and human compassion helped guide us successfully through a challenging situation.”
— L.J.E.

“After a conviction of a sex crime, I was designated as a level 2 offender. I initially tried to appeal to the SORB myself to be changed to a level 1, but it was ineffective. After talking with Kate Frame, she explained that approaching the appeal on my own could actually be counterproductive. Working with Kate to appeal for a hearing, we were able to reduce me status to a level 1 offender. She knows the way the Board thinks, she knows the best experts in the area to help support your case, and she knows how to prepare a client for a hearing. I highly recommend Kate Frame for her legal services!”
— Jason M.

“I literally have a picture of a tiger as my contact photo for Attorney Kate Frame. Kate is tenacious and will fight for you until you get the justice you deserve. Kate is the kind of lawyer who makes sure that our justice system works; she is extremely knowledgeable, and I trust her completely. I recommend her without hesitation.”
— S.C.

“Attorney Kate Frame is a dynamic force! Her representation on behalf of our family was heartfelt, compassionate, professional, and most importantly, successful. She listens, which is so incredibly important. Her willingness to help is only surpassed by her vast knowledge of resources for assisting her client in pursuing a successful court case. If we had a concern, or were fearful, she was available to listen, to guide, and to help. I am so glad that we had her on our side. She is a formidable force!”
— K.J.

“I made a huge mistake in 1995, did my time, learned from it and moved on, with an attitude of not permitting my mistake to define me or my future. Kate has been terrific, helping me to maintain that perspective and become a positive, contributing member of the community. Kate got the job done for me.”
— A.A.

“If I had used Kate Frame from the beginning to represent me in my criminal case I am certain my outcome would have been in my favor. Attorney Kate Frame is hands down the most effective lawyer for a person accused of a sex crime. I would 100% trust Kate Frame to handle a case for myself, my family, or friends. She has gone above and beyond expectations and left no stone unturned. Thank you, Kate.”
— L.

A Sex Crime Charge Can Change The Rest Of Your Life

Sex crimes can begin to negatively affect an individual from the moment an accusation is made. The stigma associated with these crimes can follow those affected for years – or the rest of their lives. Worse yet, a conviction carries serious collateral consequences that will impact virtually every aspect of their livelihood for a lifetime.

If you have been accused of or charged with a sex crime, it is critical that you retain an experienced, knowledgeable attorney who will protect your rights and reputation. Boston-based attorney Kate Frame has the ability to skillfully defend your rights in the courtroom while compassionately advocating for a future that supports your best interests.

A Well-Known Boston Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

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A Tough, Experienced Trial Lawyer Who’s A Former Prosecutor

Before becoming a defense attorney, Kate Frame served as a senior trial prosecutor in Middlesex County. She tried over 50 trials to verdict during her tenure, honing her trial skills and adding to her knowledge of sex crime prosecution.

Today, this experience aids her as she defends people charged with sex crimes in Massachusetts. She knows what the prosecutor is likely to do and prepares cases that counter their tactics. While she can and does take cases to trial, she also often “wins” the case pretrial, avoiding the need for clients to endure a courtroom battle when possible.

Extensive Experience In Sex Offender Registry Board Classification Hearings

Kate Frame’s prior experience also includes being a Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB) member. As a SORB Board Member and Hearing Examiner, she presided at hundreds of classification hearings to decide at what level those convicted of sex offenses should be classified.

These roles have given her a perspective that many attorneys lack. She understands the inner workings of the criminal and administrative sides of sex crime cases and has unique insight into the perspective of the decisionmakers. She understands the tools used by prosecutors and what information SORB members need to make educated decisions.

Kate A. Frame

Talk To A Lawyer Who Understands Your Situation

“Most of my clients are generally upstanding community members who, for whatever reason, fell into the wrong situation. My job has never been to judge the people in these situations, not as a prosecutor and not as a defense counsel.” Kate Frame, Founding Attorney

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