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Many people believe that their sex offender level is set in stone and cannot be changed. This is not the case. There is an opportunity every three years to lower your classification level, and it is important to take advantage of this opportunity by working with experienced counsel who knows the laws, agencies and players.

Attorney Kate Frame is an experienced Boston, Massachusetts, sex crimes defense attorney who assists clients who are looking to reduce their sex offender level. She also helps clients who have received notification that the Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB) is raising their level.

Attorney Frame served an eight-year term on the SORB, and in that capacity, she participated in the decision whether to reclassify or lower the classification level of numerous past offenders. She thus has unique insight into how the SORB makes these decisions and how you can maximize your chances of obtaining a lower classification level. Kate Frame can guide you through the reclassification process so you can protect your reputation and improve your future.

Petition to Lower Your Sex Offender Classification

The SORB recognizes that the risk of reoffense and the degree of dangerousness may increase or decrease over time. In their regulations, they include a process that allows a sex offender to apply for a lower classification level once every three years.

This petition to lower your level must be submitted in writing. You must show that you have been out in the community for five years and that you have not been convicted of a sex offense since you were last classified by the Board. The Board will consider:

  • Response to sex offender treatment
  • Current home situation
  • Input from mental health professionals
  • Absence of drug or alcohol abuse
  • Recent behavior
  • Any other new or outdated materials that may be helpful in making the determination

During her time on the SORB, attorney Frame voted on these types of petitions, and she understands the process, how petitions are received and what information is helpful. As a defense attorney, she has had successful results and has helped clients to move forward with a lower classification level.

Reclassifications to a Higher Level

The Board may raise an offender’s level if they receive information that indicates that the risk level has increased. There are recent cases that address how the SORB can do this. If you receive notice that the SORB is raising your level, contact attorney Frame.

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