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Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Law Changes

Sex offender registry laws are constantly in a state of flux. New proposals are being considered and old laws are being reviewed and updated. With every new case, lawyers and prosecutors attempt to set new precedents and alter established law. Litigation is frequent before the Supreme Judicial Court and Appeals Court as SORB regulations and statutes are challenged and tweaked.

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Boston, Massachusetts, defense attorney Kate Frame has experience on all sides of cases involving sex crimes. As a former prosecutor, she understands how a prosecuting attorney is or should be investigating and viewing a case, what factors might affect the prosecutor’s sentencing recommendation, and where the weaknesses in a case will lie. As a former SORB member who made classification decisions, she understands the issues these individuals face as they classify petitioners and attempt to make rulings on a variety of unique cases.

Regardless of the level at which you may be registered, it is important to have access to an experienced attorney who is current with the constant changes that characterize this area of the law. Some of these changes can have a very significant impact on your livelihood, including reclassification options or registration requirements. Attorney Frame is committed to giving you the information you need to stay in control of your situation.

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