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How To Lower Sex Offender Classification Level

While there are a variety of factors involved, your sex offender classification level can be lowered, terminated or relieved with the help of an experienced Massachusetts sex offender reclassification attorney.

In order to adjust your classification in any way, you must petition to the Sex Offender Registry Board. You may be able to reinstate your hearing rights if there was an irregularity based on a procedural error or in the process by which you were classified. Only an experienced, thorough lawyer can help you determine if these elements were involved in your case.

There are two steps to the reclassification/termination process at the SORB. After your petition is filed, the SORB will review it and render a preliminary reclassification/termination recommendation. In many cases, attorney Frame’s clients have received the result they are seeking at this first stage, and a hearing is not necessary. If a client does not receive the results they want at the first stage, they can request a hearing. For numerous clients, Attorney Frame has won reclassification to a lower level and complete termination of registration obligations.

Skilled Boston Sex Offender Defense Lawyer

Boston criminal defense attorney Kate Frame has ample experience working on sex crime cases from a variety of vantage points. As a prosecutor, she handled many high-level sex crimes cases working for the Middlesex County attorney’s office. After which, she was a member of the SORB. She knows how Boston-area prosecutors think, and she understands what the SORB is looking for when making classification decisions.

She takes it upon herself to show the SORB who her clients are, on a holistic level. By taking a compassionate and creative approach, she is able to show the prosecution and the SORB all of her clients’ positive contributions to society. In these cases, the focus is often on the darkest, lowest points in an individual’s life, not the growth and development that has occurred since.

Kate Frame will take a close look at your case from the beginning and determine if your classification can be adjusted or if you are entitled to another hearing. There are many different options that can be explored, and she is dedicated to helping out in obtaining the best outcome possible, regardless of the complexity of your case.

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