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What Is A SORB Hearing Like In Massachusetts?

Sex Offender Registry Board hearings are similar to a criminal trial, yet less formal. Since 2020, SORB hearings have been conducted by videoconference. A hearing examiner, who acts in the role of a judge, will preside at the hearing and there will also be an attorney who represents the SORB.

The attorney for the SORB will request that you are classified according to your preliminary classification. He or she will present the case via documentation, including police reports, criminal history and any treatment records. The board does not call witness, however, you can if you choose to do so.

Retaining an experienced lawyer who can help portray you in a positive light is essential to this process. Boston, Massachusetts, sex offender registry defense attorney Kate Frame is a former SORB member and criminal prosecutor. She understands what the board is looking for during the hearing and what information can have a significant influence on their decision.

SORB Hearing Process Attorney In Massachusetts

The SORB’s attorney will present his or her case using information solely related to your sex crime. This will likely include information that is incomplete and perhaps even inaccurate. Attorney Kate Frame is dedicated to ensuring that only accurate evidence is considered and to presenting to the SORB a more comprehensive and favorable picture of who you are today. She will offer evidence of your positive work history and your good character while highlighting any of your positive contributions to society.

Attorney Frame understands that this process is overwhelming and complicated for anyone involved. She is dedicated to serving as both a trusted confidant and a legal advocate. Your livelihood and reputation is at risk and it is essential that you retain an experienced Boston-area attorney who will thoroughly and aggressively defend your rights.

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