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Youth is often thought to be wasted on the young. Most individuals can say that they made many a mistake in their adolescence. This is a period in our lives where we are living according to trial and error. Unfortunately, some mistakes can get a young person mixed up with the law.

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If your child has been accused of committing a sex crime, he or she could be facing a delinquent charge in juvenile court. If he or she is 17 years old or older, your child could be charged as an adult. In either case, your child will have to go before the Sex Offender Registry Board and could be required to register as a sex offender, a consequence that could follow him or her for a lifetime.

Massachusetts juvenile sex crimes defense attorney Kate Frame has experience on all sides of sex crime law. She has served as both a prosecutor and as a board member for the SORB. She has a thorough understanding of what these entities require and what they are looking for when charging and classifying sex offenders.

Kate Frame understands that young people can make foolish mistakes or act on an impulse that is not fully understood. She also believes that this does not necessarily make your child a sex offender. Classifying people at such a young age is risky — this is one of the most developmentally transformative times for a person and most young people pose a low risk for re-offending. The SORB is required to consider age, and Kate Frame is prepared to present the information to the board in a concise and efficient manner.

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