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Boston Federal Sex Crimes Attorney

The U.S. Attorney’s Office has jurisdiction over a number of sex crimes, including Internet and child pornography-related offenses. If you have been charged with a crime of this kind, your potential penalties are severe, from extended prison time to a lifetime of Sex Offender Registry obligations.

When the stakes are this high, it is critical that you engage the services of a skilled lawyer with specialized experience litigating child pornography and Internet crimes. Given the severe potential penalties mandated by federal sentencing guidelines, if you have a triable case you will need an attorney who is experienced trying federal cases in Massachusetts, and who has highly developed courtroom skills to try a case in front of a jury.

Defending You Against Federal Sex Crime Charges

Boston-based federal crime defense attorney Kate Frame is an experienced trial lawyer who brings to her practice the judgment, perspective and jury trial skills that she gained from her prior service as a state prosecutor and Board Member on the state’s Sex Offender Registry Board. She has the trial experience to mount a strategic and forceful defense in court or to guide her clients through the complexities of the plea negotiation process and the state and federal sentencing guidelines. Attorney Frame represents clients under criminal investigation and indictment. She will provide the highest quality lawyering at every stage of a federal sex crime case.

Federal Sex Crimes Are Different

Because the Internet is a conduit for fast and easy flow of information and images across state lines without anyone having to even leave the house, federal authorities often have jurisdiction over Internet sex crimes as well as crimes involving the distribution or manufacture of child pornography.

  • Different rules: The federal court system has its own set of evidentiary and procedural rules.
  • Aggressive prosecution: United States attorneys prosecute sex crimes aggressively, especially where the crimes involve children or images of children.
  • Complex evidentiary issues: With most sex crimes, there are issues around physical and forensic evidence, witness reliability and, in Internet cases, technological issues and evidentiary problems.

With experience in federal courts, as well as experience prosecuting numerous sex crimes cases and classifying people convicted of federal sex crimes as a member of the Sex Offender Registry Board, attorney Kate Frame has current knowledge of how the federal system works and the experience to defend you against federal sex crimes charges. She also can provide consultation and guidance on your case before the Sex Offender Registry Board to minimize your registration obligations.

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