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Attorney Kate Frame has extensive experience on both sides of a criminal defense case, especially those involved in sex crimes.

She served as a senior trial prosecutor for the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office, where she prosecuted some of the county’s most serious child abuse and sexual assault cases. As a criminal defense Attorney, Kate has won acquittals/not guilty verdicts and dismissals on behalf of numerous clients accused of sexual misconduct, In multiple cases, Kate has convinced the prosecution, based upon the results of her investigation, that the allegations were false. Kate’s strong courtroom skills have been highly effective in winning cases before juries. She has the critical ability to strategize effectively in advising clients under criminal indictment and investigation, and when involved early in an investigation has been able to prevent false allegations from evolving into a public and criminal charge.

Kate is also an experienced appellate attorney. In recent years, she has won four cases before the state’s highest Court, the Supreme Judicial Court. Each of these cases resulted in decisions which substantially changed the laws governing the registration of sex offenders, making the classification process more fair and accurate for everyone, and providing further due process protections for individuals facing the Sex Offender Registry Board.

  • Doe No. 234076 v. SORB, 484 Mass. 666 (2020). In this case, the Court agreed with Attorney Frame’s argument that the SORB may not prohibit a person from presenting relevant expert testimony at their classification hearing.
  • Doe No. 496501 v. SORB, 482 Mass. 643 (2019). The Court established an important precedent at SORB hearings, based upon Attorney Frame’s argument that the SORB should not be able to post an individual on its website without first finding that this form of public dissemination serves a valid public safety interest.
  • Noe No. 5340 v. SORB, 480 Mass. 196 (2018). In advocating on behalf of her client who was a homeless individual, Attorney Frame convinced the Court that indigent people have a right to an Attorney when seeking reclassification to a lower level or termination of their obligation to register as a sex offender.
  • Doe No. 76819 & Others v. SORB, 480 Mass. 212 (2018). In this case Attorney Frame and her colleagues won a ruling that the SORB must address petitions seeking reclassification or termination within a reasonable period of time, thus ending the years-long wait that individuals previously had faced after filing these petitions.

In addition to her work as a defense attorney and prosecutor, attorney Frame served an eight-year term as a member of the Sex Offender Registry Board. The Governor appointed her to this position based upon her criminal justice experience. Throughout her term, she presided as an administrative law judge at hearings, she acted as the director of hearings at this agency and trained new board members. She has textbook knowledge of the sex offender registry laws and regulations and the court decisions interpreting these laws, as well as inside, working knowledge of the procedures, policies and standards used by the administrative law judges and board members in these hearings.

Attorney Frame has also lectured, taught and provided consultation to other attorneys about SORB procedures and practice. She has served on the faculty for statewide trainings for both attorneys and forensic psychologists who practice before the SORB, and she has been appointed a Visiting Scholar at Boston College, where she has lectured before undergraduate classes on criminal justice issues.

Kate Frame folds all this experience together in her work as a trial attorney, both in defending clients accused of sexual crimes and in representing clients before the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board. She will not hesitate to take a case to trial, as long as her client agrees that is the best approach. To learn more about Ms. Frame, follow the link below.

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