Strategy Can Make The Difference In Your Case

Boston OUI/DWI Lawyer

Many OUI/DWI clients have never been arrested or charged with a crime, and they are devastated to be in this situation. Representation by a skilled Massachusetts OUI/DUI defense attorney is especially critical if you are unfamiliar with the system. A former prosecutor, Kate Frame has handled hundreds of OUI/DWI cases.

A graduate of Boston College Law School where she has been appointed a Visiting Scholar and has lectured on criminal law issues, Kate Frame brings to your case extensive experience as a litigator and trial attorney. Boston attorney Kate Frame has textbook knowledge of the OUI/DWI law, and she has the courtroom skills necessary to defend you successfully and to reduce the impact that this case will have on your life going forward. She also has the administrative agency experience necessary to represent you in proceedings before the Registry of Motor Vehicles to obtain your driver’s license or to minimize the loss of license associated with this charge.

Severe Consequences And High Stakes

Under Melanie’s Law, the penalties for OUI/DWI convictions are severe; the OUI/DWI statute is lengthy and complex. A conviction for this crime can in some cases result in a prison sentence, large fines and a lengthy loss of driver’s license. For first time offenders, a more lenient resolution of probation and a treatment program is usually available. However, if you refused to undergo a Breathalyzer test, you could face a lengthy loss of your driver’s license even if you are not convicted.

Potential penalties increase substantially with each subsequent OUI/DWI charge. Therefore, it is critical that whenever possible you fight an OUI/DWI charge and explore aggressively the possibility of obtaining a dismissal or an acquittal/not-guilty verdict. Attorney Kate Frame has the ability to mount an aggressive defense of your rights and to try your case to a not-guilty verdict.

Hiring An Attorney With A Record Of Winning Trials

Kate Frame has tried numerous criminal cases and has a record of winning results. Attorney Frame knows the strategies that police and the prosecution use in these cases, and she is able to discern the weaknesses in the government’s case against you, as well as mistakes in the investigation, testing and in the prosecution of your case. Attorney Frame has been successful in having field sobriety tests thrown out for her client, as well as in winning not-guilty verdicts by effective cross-examination of the arresting police officers.

How A Skilled Attorney Handles A Drunk Driving Defense

An experienced defense attorney knows how to handle each aspect of your criminal case, including:

  • The Breath Test. If you did take a Breathalyzer test, attorney Frame will assess the circumstances of your test and the status of testing machines to determine whether the results of your test should be thrown out. In Massachusetts, breath alcohol testing is administered using infrared technology and is governed by regulations that require that very specific conditions be met to ensure accurate test results. Testing machines must be certified annually and are subject to periodic testing and inspection by the Office of Alcohol Testing. Additionally, a determination must be made as to whether the simulator readings in your test were valid and whether the simulator solution temperature was appropriate.
  • The Field Tests. Police officers in Massachusetts are trained by studying a field sobriety testing manual. Attorney Frame will find out when your arresting officer was trained and what manual he studied, and she will use that manual to cross-examine the officer and highlight mistakes made by police. If you performed field sobriety tests, attorney Frame will assess whether the tests were administered properly.
  • Motions to Suppress. Attorney Frame has been successful in having evidence excluded from trial because the police did not follow proper procedures in an OUI stop or investigation. When it appears that evidence was obtained illegally and in violation of your rights, attorney Frame will file and argue a motion to suppress so that this evidence cannot be offered by the government at trial.

Contact A Boston And Boston Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer

If yours is a case that should be taken to trial, experienced trial attorney Kate Frame will fight for you, doing everything possible to ensure that your case is fairly and effectively presented in the courtroom. Contact The Law Offices of Kate A. Frame to discuss your defense strategy with an experienced OUI/DWI lawyer serving Boston and the North Shore.